Albums We LOVE To Relax To!

Posted by darcystockton | April 5, 2017 | Blog

Whether you’re looking for music to wind down from a long day to or are looking to soothe your sweet soul, here are some of our favorites we play on repeat at the studio, during stressful New York commutes, and at home!

DS_BlogPost_Moby-Long-Ambients-1Calm-SleepLong Ambients, Moby

A few months ago, Moby released this 4-hour long album of music specifically designed for yoga and meditation (completely free we might add)! Moby’s history with ambient sound goes back to as early as his album Ambients released in the early nineties. The tracks from Long Ambients have no drums or vocals and the album is down-right dreamy and serene. He says: “As much as I’ve loved writing songs and dance tracks I’ve always been obsessed with the ways in which ambient and instrumental music can transform the space in which they’re being listened,” We 100% agree!

DS_BlogPost_marconi-union-weightless-ambien-transmissions-vol-2-packshot-copyWeightless, Marconi Union

Marconi Union is an ambient group from Manchester that was commissioned by the British Academy of Sound Therapy to create the title track “Weightless,” that was then expanded into a full length album. We love this album because it is stimulating enough to actively listen to while also great for chilling to. Time Magazine, called the track “The World’s Most Relaxing Song” as well as one of the top 50 inventions of 2012.

DS_BlogPost_flying-album-art-garth-stevensonFlying, Garth Stevenson

Garth Stevenson, a favorite of yoga superstar Elena Brower, plays a hauntingly beautiful double-base at yoga studios in Williamsburg and throughout NYC. Flying will root you downward and make your heart soar just like other epic instrumental bands like Sigur Ros. This is an album that’s been on repeat in our studio since the beginning!

DS_BlogPost_Thile-Bach-Square-1024x1004Sonatas + Partitas, Christopher Thile

Chris Thile is a MacArthur Award winner and considered the modern master of the mandolin. Normally a composer and performer of Bluegrass, Bach: Sonatas + Partitas in G rrrrrr, is just him playing twistedly complex and difficult pieces effortlessly with great emotion.

DS_BlogPost_AlbumCoverEverything and Nothing, Hammock

Hammock’s music is universal and vague, but uniquely their own at the same time. Everything and Nothing is a prog-rock/neo-classical album that is signature of the band’s sound and easily their best album in the last decade.

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