April 2017

Posted by darcystockton | 27 April 2017

Many clients don’t know this, but prior to being a massage therapist, I went to fashion school and worked in the industry for publications and brands like Italian Vogue or...

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Posted by darcystockton | 22 April 2017

The most frequent question I get asked is, “What *is* a trigger point?” thanks to my heavy application of techniques to reduce trigger points (or what you think of as...

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Posted by darcystockton | 05 April 2017

Whether you’re looking for music to wind down from a long day to or are looking to soothe your sweet soul, here are some of our favorites we play on...

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Posted by darcystockton | 04 April 2017

With spring on it’s way many of you are probably getting going with new workouts, new wellness practices, and new routines. In many holistic and integrative health disciplines, spring is...

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